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9 Mai 2019,17h00 at Grand Hotel Kempinski, Geneva
The Customer Referral Program replaces any previous customer referral schemes operating within Western Union Business Solutions entities globally.
The Customer Referral Program will not be back dated to account for historical leads referred to WUBS.
The Customer Referral Program is an informal referral program and you must not make any false representations to a referred customer / individual on behalf of the Company, nor should you indicate in any way that you have the authority to influence the customer start up process.
The Customer Referral Program is designed to increase the movement and transfer of qualified leads globally and is not intended to form a substitute source of income for eligible employees.
The Customer Referral Program is designed to encourage the communication and generation of new customer leads. Employees are not expected; neither does the company want them to engage in any sales activities or to provide prospective customers with product advice whatsoever.
The Global Referral Committee will determine if all eligibility guidelines are met and has final approval for payment of any commission. Employees have the right to appeal against any decision made by the Global Referral Committee and must submit a request to appeal in writing within 30 days of any decision being made.
Any potential conflict of interest that may be created by potentially setting up the referred customer must be raised with the Ethics Office in accordance with the Code of Conduct.
The Company may amend, change, or terminate the Program for any reason at any time in the Company's sole discretion.
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Western Union Business Solutions est unité opérationnelle de The Western Union Company et propose des services en Suisse au travers de sa succursale Rüesch International, LLC (succursale suisse) ("Rüesch"). dont le siège est à Werdstrasse 2, case postale 2063, 8021 Zurich, Suisse.

Rüesch est organisées aux Etats-Unis. Par conséquent, Rüesch est soumise à la législation et réglementation des Etats-Unis pour certaines transactions avec ses clients. Cela étant, Rüesch n'est pas enregistrée auprès de la Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) américaine, que ce soit en tant que Commodity Trading Advisor, Swap Dealer ou autre. Rüesch n'est pas membre de la National Futures Association américaine. La protection qui serait octroyée par la législation américaine relative aux bourses de matières premières (Commodity Exchange Act), la réglementation de la CFTC ou les règles de la National Futures Association n'est dès lors pas disponible dans le cadre d'une relation client ou des transactions avec Rüesch.