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Access the new WU EDGE platform for free and begin connecting, transacting and managing your cash and risk globally today. Now, for the first time, you can gain the unparalleled ability to create stronger connections, make smarter cash flow decisions and grow your business globally – all from one, easy-to-use international business platform.

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Enjoy new markets and find
new trading partners

Build new relationships and make the right international connections to grow your global footprint.

Take advantage of the growing global marketplace

Find partners and create seamless collaboration, from order to real-time global payment, with our new global business network. By connecting buyers and sellers from around the world within a single global marketplace, WU EDGE can help you find and create new relationships, and make the right connections to grow your business globally.


Create a detailed network profile in a global marketplace

Find and be discovered by new trading partners from around the world through WU EDGE's global B2B network, and start expanding your global footprint.

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Expedite transactions, from order to payment

Connect with your current trading partners from invoice to payment on WU EDGE. Easily capture, send and pay invoices with your partners on the platform to speed up transactions, and the shipment and receipt of goods.

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Interact with your global partners within the platform

Clearly communicate through in-platform messaging that is contextually linked to whatever document or topic you are discussing with your trading partners.

  • Nurture and grow relationships through a more efficient financial workflow
  • Prevent invoice and payment errors
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Enjoy real-time, fee-free global payments*

Maximize your cash flow and improve the efficiency of your international transactions.

Save time and money on global transactions

Expand your business globally while reducing the time and resources it takes to manage your international transactions. The WU EDGE platform facilitates fee-free, real-time transactions in 51 currencies,* and enables you to do business in over 130 currencies with standard payments. With seamless order-to-payment workflows, you can know the status of your international transactions at all times. This enables you to maximize your cash flow and improve efficiency.

EDGE Network

Make and receive real-time payments, fee-free in 51 currencies,* with no need for a separate foreign currency account

Now, you can participate in international transactions directly within the platform without needing a separate foreign currency account to hold foreign funds.

EDGE Network Holding Balance enables you to hold funds in 51 different currencies** and invite your global partners to join for free to get the benefit of fee-free real-time payments through EDGE Network Payments. Your partner will thank you, as you both will have complete visibility of payment status and full reconciliation details, saving you time in unnecessary AP conversations.

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Standard spot

Do business everywhere you need to with payments in over 130 currencies to 170+ countries

Make and receive standard spot payments in 130+ currencies with your current trading partners, even if they're not on WU EDGE. By bringing all your international transactions into WU EDGE, you can:

  • Simplify the process for sending and receiving payments
  • Make it easy to retrieve your records
  • Automatically update cash flow from invoices added to the platform, in real time
  • Enable quick and accurate reconciliation of outstanding payables
  • Help manage risk and save money by allowing payments to be made in local currency
  • Gain visibility of when invoices are acknowledged and paid
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Manage your cash flow and help reduce risk

Unify your international transaction information and transform insight into action.

Understand the true cost of your international invoices

With the free WU EDGE platform, you can gain full visibility into the actual cost of all your invoices in your local currency to understand the true cost of your international invoices and put a strategy in place to protect your profits.

As an integrated platform, WU EDGE makes managing cash and risk simple. By utilizing its tools and customizable reporting, you can track all foreign currency invoices and activity statements at a glance. You can use your transaction data to manage cash across multiple currencies and optimize your international payment activities.

The WU EDGE platform also includes potent risk management tools for simulating currency volatility and minimizing currency risk. You can take action to protect your cash flow and profits by consulting with our FX and hedging specialists. This will help you manage your foreign currency exposure and help control costs - so you can trade confidently.

Invoice tracking
and reporting

Track all foreign currency holding balances and activity statements at a glance, without needing a separate foreign currency account

Simplify and expedite international cash management and reporting with automatically updated transaction data and invoice activity alerts.

  • Bring all your international sales, purchasing, payment and receivables information into one easy-to-use platform
  • Gain visibility and certainty of payables and receivables
  • See the bigger picture of your international activities to know all the facts
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Cash Flow Visibility
and Risk Management

Simulate currency risk and manage cash flow to protect profits

Anticipate issues and optimize your cash flow with unmatched cash flow visibility and risk management on WU EDGE:

  • Simulate your currency risks with the Volatility Slider
  • Easily move money between currencies
  • Hold and manage cash balances across multiple currencies with EDGE Network Holding Balance
  • Convert or transact at known optimal rates
  • Control FX costs and protect profits
  • Measure the cost of payables or receivables to your business
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Access to WUBS FX
and Hedging Experts

Consult with a WUBS FX and Hedging expert for help reducing risk

Manage foreign currency exposure and control FX costs. Speak to one of our currency risk specialists to find out how our hedging products can help you protect your bottom line from currency fluctuations. And, it's easy to keep track of the performance of the products you book easily within the WU EDGE platform.

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Join the one platform for connecting and transacting globally

Now you can connect with your global business partners – and gain game-changing insights, expert support and powerful tools to make, track and manage payments – all in one, easy-to-use digital platform.

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